RósGlas is an exclusive treatment provider that provides bespoke individualised one-on-one treatment and rehabilitation for addictions and emotional health concerns in the comfort of luxurious accommodation and private surroundings in Ireland.

We only ever treat one client at a time. We identify the underlying psychological, biochemical and social causes and treat them successfully. This method provides the best opportunity of long term recovery.

RósGlas Recovery recognise the needs our clients have regarding confidentiality. We assign and use pseudonym so that no clients real name need be used or identified at all.

Upon arrival to Ireland, you will be met by our Treatment Directors and accompanied to our partner private hospital for a full medical check-up and detox if required. Arrangements can be made for pick-up from any one of Ireland’s airports or nearby helipads. A range of comprehensive laboratory testing will be taken in order for us to assess your biochemical status.

Individual Treatment

We create a unique care plan for each person. This is crucial and offers the best opportunity for sustained recovery. Our main aim is to identify and treat the underlying causes of the problem.

We do a comprehensive assessment of each situation which includes meetings with our core team of international experts. There are six separate disciplines involved in this process which help provide a clear overview of the situation. This helps create a detailed initial care plan.

The plan will include Psychological Therapies, Biochemical Restoration, Lifestyle and Nutritional Program supported with a wide range of tailored complementary therapies. This intensive one to one individual approach provides the platform for an exceptional amount of work to be done in a relatively short period of time.

The program is delivered by your own personal care team in absolute comfort providing the best possible environment for your recovery. Your live-in therapist also stays in the clinical residence and is available to support you throughout your stay 24/7. We only ever work with one person at a time which allows our team to focus completely on each case.

We also provide high-end hospitality which includes your own private chef to support your recovery with a healthy nutritious diet in your own private 5-star residence.



We treat one client at a time – ensuring privacy and discretion. This treatment approach also allows for our team to focus exclusively on providing the best possible tailored treatment plan for each individual.

Our clients stay in a luxury residence in Dublin and surrounding areas – experiencing world-renowned Irish charm and hospitality.

INTENSIVE & Comprehensive Care

At RósGlas Recovery, clients receive a tailor made program, that consist of six to ten hours of 1:1 therapy, complementary therapy and leisure time.

A client is provided with a team of elite therapists including a psychiatrist, psychologist, specialist therapists, eg. addictions counsellor, mentor and nutritional coach.

In addition, a client’s well-being is ensured by a live-in 24/7 therapist and case manager, personal chef/butler, driver and maid.


Our team of complementary therapists and treatment include: massage, yoga, personal training, reflexology, acupuncture and more…

All sessions are personally delivered on a one-to-one basis in the privacy and comfort of one of our luxury residences or hotel accommodation of your choice.

We also offer a range of enriching leisure activities allowing you to fully experience the spirit of Ireland such as; horse-riding and other equine events, falconry, nature excursions, comedy, yachting, music and the arts, golf, dancing, beaches… all within the stunning scenery Ireland proudly offers.


A key part of our treatment is to address underlying nutritional deficiencies, chemical and hormonal imbalances or epigenetic conditions. We achieve this through our completely holistic programme including micro-nutrition and supplementation.

Every component of our treatment approach works to restore and establish optimal biochemical balance, harmony and wellbeing. Addressing these kinds of imbalances and deficiencies has a huge positive impact on mental, physical health and emotional well-being.


Our ethos is all about truth, honesty and integrity. From the first point of contact, our clients benefit from speaking to ethical healthcare professionals, not profit-driven salespeople. We are skilled at assessing complex psychological issues and can discuss the most appropriate treatment approach necessary for each case.

If, for whatever reason we feel we cannot help, we will endeavour to recommend and help you to find a more suitable alternative.


We custom-build a complete and holistic evidence-based treatment approach uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of each client, importantly offering by far the biggest chance of long-term success and recovery.

The length of our tailored programme typically ranges between 2 and 12 weeks depending on individual needs and goals. Our clinical research indicates that stays of between six to eight weeks offer the most successful outcomes and we therefore recommend this along with one of our comprehensive continuing care plans – designed to support your transition back home.

Our intensive treatment program typically provides 8 hours of treatment a day. Adaptations can be made to cater for particular needs and commitments.


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Aside from a range of intensive tailored therapy retreats, we also offer a novel opportunity to transition into your recovery with an accompanied mentor to assist you on your recovery journey.

Following successful completion of your primary treatment with us, we provide an experienced and qualified therapist to accompany your return back home whilst being on hand to provide ongoing therapy and support as you settle back into your new routine. Your therapist can also be available for ongoing Skype or telephone support as needed over the following months after your visit to us.

Follow-up return visits offer an opportunity for a focused retreat to reflect on your journey with your therapists and offer a dedicated quite space and time out for you. These short retreats are offered in luxury with a range of relaxing and rejuvenating complimentary therapies and leisure excursions.


At Rósglas Recovery we recognise the importance of the role family and friends play in supporting the long-term recovery of our clients. We are very aware of the impact of addictive and other psychological disorders on the Family system and understand the unique difficulties, struggles and support needs many family members and loved ones face in times of crisis.

As part of our individualised treatment plans we usually recommend family or couples therapy to be included in the programme in order to support and explore any difficulties or issues that exist within the family system. We consider this to be an important component of treatment although it is optional for each individual.

Our experienced team of therapists can facilitate further individual support, counselling, couples therapy or family group therapy as well as workshops and education regarding a range of issues that may be relevant to each case.


WHY Rósglas?


We only ever treat one client at a time. We identify the underlying psychological, biochemical and social causes and treat them successfully. This method provides the best opportunity of long term recovery.


Each client is treated by a team of over 10 specialists with a 24/7 live in therapist available throughout your stay. This helps us tailor your treatment program to address your specific needs.


We ensure 100% comfort, confidentiality and privacy in your temporary Irish home. You will stay in a luxury residence equipped with personal chef, maid and driver at your service.





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