We treat all types of Psychological problems including Addictions, Mental Health and Eating Disorders. You can find more about that in ‘What we treat‘ page.

When you have a problem that affects your happiness and quality of life. You will be aware things are getting worse over time despite your best efforts. Reach out to us if you feel like you might need help.

It tends to be difficult to convince someone who is struggling that they need help particularly if they are reluctant to admit they have a problem. We recommend that you first get support for yourself. This will provide you with the best opportunity to help your loved ones. Try to think of it like this, when we fly we are told “if there is a problem with the oxygen levels masks will appear from the panels overhead. Please put on your own mask before you try to help someone else”

Your treatment program will be individually designed to your specific circumstances. While we have a cohesive holistic model of care each one of our programs is unique and tailor made to provide the best possible outcome.

Yes we definitely treat international clients. While Ireland was chosen as for our location we predominantly treat people from other parts of the world.

Yes, we do everything possible to provide our clients with a confidential secure location. We also follow thorough practices which protect the anonymity of our clients.

While all of our programs are different the usual length of stay in Ireland is 6 weeks. We can build individual continuing care plans to suit each situation.

The cost of treatment varies however our bespoke therapy programs in Ireland are in the region of €47,500 per week. If you look at our Treatment rates page it provides a brief overview our overall approach.

While it is very important to focus on your treatment process we can build access to your work if necessary. We do this in a manner which will not impede your progress.

Yes, we very much encourage family involvement as appropriate. We offer a family therapy program as part of our treatment package. Again these programs are tailored to each individual case. To find out more, please visit Our Treatment Approach page.