50 Celebrities in Recovery: Famous People Who’ve Battled Addiction

Celebrities… we grow up watching them in movies and television, thinking what a charmed life they lead. Glamour and luxury are second nature to them. Their lives seem completely worry-free. But is this always the case? If you read all the stories about celebrities in recovery and famous people with

Self-Assessment Test: Am I addicted to porn?

Nowadays access to pornography is easier than ever, allowing anonymous availability to unlimited pornography at all levels of explicitness. For many people, pornography is a quick and convenient route to sexual pleasure. But how do you know when your guilty pleasure becomes a serious problem affecting various areas of your

Self-Assessment Test: Am I addicted to marijuana?

When it comes to marijuana, addictive behaviour emerges slower and withdrawal is less intense than with substances such as opioids or alcohol. Therefore, often people are unsure of what are the warning signs for marijuana addiction and how to tell when regular marijuana, cannabis or weed smoking has turned into

Self-Assessment Test: Am I Addicted to Cocaine?

Drug addiction is a complex disease with cocaine being one of the most addictive out of all drugs. There is often a number of underlying issues involved in developing a cocaine addiction including biochemistry, psychology, social and family influences, genetics and trauma. Therefore you might be asking yourself – am

What’s the Difference Between Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction?

The terms drug abuse and drug addiction get thrown about a lot and most people think they are the same. However, there’s a difference between drug abuse and drug addiction.  Many people experiment with drugs at some point in their lives but never go on to develop full-blown addiction. Yet,

How Long Does It Take to Develop Alcohol Dependence?

Drinking alcohol is ingrained in modern culture in many countries around the world. It’s a way to socialize, relax, and celebrate.  To quote the fictional TV cartoon character, Homer Simpson, “To alcohol, the cause of – and solution to – all life’s problems.” The joke is a reflection of what

What Distinguishes Alcohol Dependence from Alcohol Abuse?

The terms alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. It’s important to understand the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence because they can have different consequences and may require different treatments. If you or a loved one is battling alcoholism, you

The 3 Stages of Alcoholism Explained: Your Ultimate Guide

What does it mean to be an alcoholic? How often do you have to drink to become one? And, what’s the difference between early stage and late stage alcoholism? Alcoholism progresses in many different alcoholism stages, and there are different symptoms for each stage. According to the WashingtonPost, 1 in

Self-Assessment Test: Am I addicted to alcohol?

Many people are unsure what being an alcoholic means, what are the warning signs for alcohol addiction and how to tell whether regular drinking has turned into a problem drinking.  Alcohol may be used to mask or cope with underlying issues like stress, anxiety or depression. As a depressant alcohol

How to Help an Alcoholic: A beginner’s guide

“Annually, 3 million deaths worldwide are attributed to alcohol abuse.” Alcohol abuse is much more prevalent than you’d think. It’s one of the most commonly abused substances worldwide – in fact, 76 million people around the world struggle with alcoholism.  While some people struggle with a full-blown addiction, others may





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