What Are the Warning Signs of a Toxic Marriage?

In a healthy marriage, partners are emotionally supportive, trustworthy, loyal, and loving. They enjoy each other’s company, are committed to raising a family (if they have one), and have admiration and respect for one another. Sounds simple, right? But in the real world, marriages are far more complicated. Maintaining a

Dating Someone with Depression: 10 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Depression is a complicated mental health disorder that affects how a person feels, thinks, and acts. It’s a serious, but treatable condition that affects millions of people around the world. Dating someone with depression can be overwhelming. It can leave you feeling bewildered and confused. You may be at a

How to Stop Being Codependent in a Relationship

Unhealthy relationships take a toll not only on your mental wellbeing but also on your physical health. Many people find themselves repeating the same flawed patterns in relationships despite their best intentions. Excessive emotional dependency on a romantic partner, friend, or family member is one such avoidable pattern. Specifically, the

50 Celebrities in Recovery: Famous People Who’ve Battled Addiction

Celebrities… we grow up watching them in movies and television, thinking what a charmed life they lead. Glamour and luxury are second nature to them. Their lives seem completely worry-free. But is this always the case? If you read all the stories about celebrities in recovery and famous people with

Self-Assessment Test: do I have an eating disorder?

Eating disorders can affect men and women of all ages. It can develop at any time, although most usually during adolescence or early adulthood. Nevertheless, eating disorders don’t just affect one kind of person; someone who doesn’t feel like they fit the “typical” profile might be avoiding to get help, out

Self-Assessment Test: Do I have an anxiety disorder?

Experiencing some level of anxiety is a normal part of life. In fact, anxiety is a very normal response to stressful situations and unexpected events. However, when symptoms of anxiety become too intense and begin to interfere with your life, they could be signs of an anxiety disorder. But how