Drug addiction is a complex disease. There is often a number of underlying issues involved in developing an addiction including biochemistry, psychology, social and family influences, genetics and trauma. Therefore you might be asking yourself – am I addicted to drugs?


If you are wondering if you may have an issue with drug addiction, the fact you are considering the question may in itself offer some important insight. The following questionnaire may also help:

  1. Has your work or academic performance been affected by your drug use?
  2. Have you ever tried to control or stop your drug use?
  3. Does your drug use interfere with your eating or sleeping habits?
  4. Are you, or your family/friends concerned about your drug use?
  5. Do you try to hide or cover up the true extent of your drug use, or thoughts about using drugs?
  6. Do you use drugs to change the way you feel?
  7. Does the thought of living without drugs scare you?
  8. Have you obtained drugs by illegal or dangerous actions?
  9. Has your drug use put yourself or others in danger or risky situations?
  10. Have you ever been hospitalised as a realist of your drug use?
  11. Do you feel like you need drugs to feel normal, to fit in, to socialise or to have a good time?
  12. Do you continue to use drugs despite negative consequences?

If you identify with two or more of these questions, chances are there is cause for serious concern in your drug use and the effects of it.

Drug addiction is a progressive disorder and almost always results in deepening addiction alongside negative cycles of guilt, shame and catastrophic life consequences. If you are concerned about your own or a loved ones drug use, it would be useful to seek professional help.

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